Fees & Information

Contacting this firm via email does not mean that this firm is acting on your behalf. You do not become a “client” of the firm unless and until the firm agrees to act for you and such representation is confirmed in a retainer agreement or retainer letter. Unless you are an existing client, no information provided to this firm via email will be considered confidential. Information should not be sent to this firm without prior agreement.

Consultation with respect to your file:

Consultation fees are $375.00 plus H.S.T. for one to one and one half hours. Depending on the complexity of the individual matter and the length of the consultation, a higher fee may apply.
Consultations with respect to Termination of Employment Packages or Domestic Contracts already prepared fall under the category of Independent

Legal Advice

Litigation, Family Law, Employment Law, Construction Liens, Business Law, Administrative and Municipal Law:
These areas of law are billed on a fee for time basis, with an initial retainer required to commence work on the file. Please contact the lawyer’s assistant for an appointment for a consultation or to speak to the lawyer about his or her fees and retainer requirements

Wills and Powers of Attorney

One Will – Basic* $375.00
– additional clauses, trusts, etc. are additional fees

Spousal Wills (2) – Basic* $600.00

Primary and Secondary Wills (2) – $750.00

Spousal Primary and Secondary Wills (4) – $1,400.00

Will with Henson Trust clauses – $575.00

Spousal Wills (2) with Henson Trust clauses – $1,000.00

Power of Attorney (Property or Personal Care) $200.00

Two Powers of Attorney ( Property and Personal Care or Spousal of one type)  $300.00

*Specific bequests, real property clauses, memoranda, etc. are at an additional fee depending upon the complexity, with the fee based on hourly rates.

One Living Will $125.00

Spousal Living Wills $200.00

Codicil $275.00

Special Purpose Power of Attorney $250.00

Please note: Wills requiring additional clauses or involving complicated trusts, marriage contracts or other agreements which have to be reviewed as to their effect on the Will, lengthy memoranda, etc. may result in a higher fee.

Provincial Companies

Incorporation $850.00

Annual Minutes/Additional Resolutions —  $225.00

Additional Bonuses/Dividends $125.00

Articles of Amalgamation (simple) $550.00 to $1,500.00

Articles of Amalgamation (complex) $1500.00

Amendment/Name Change $250.00

Revival Hourly Rates

Dissolution Hourly Rates

Amendment (depending on situation) $350.00

Form 1 changes $75.00

Minute Book review $250.00

Federal Companies

Incorporation $1000.00

Annual Minutes $350.00

Additional Resolutions $350.00

Additional Bonuses/Dividends $175.00

Articles of Amalgamation (depending on complexity) $750.00 to $1,500.00

Amendment/Name Change $350.00

Revival Hourly Rates

Dissolution Hourly Rates

Please note: Fees may vary depending on complexity of matter. For any new incorporations a retainer of $1,000.00 is required. Above fees do not include disbursements. ***H.S.T. applies to all fees.

If the document is already prepared, and requires notarial signature $50.00

Notarial Certificate or Certified True Copy signed by Notary $50.00

If a document needs to prepared and then notarized, additional fee will be based on nature of document


Commisions If document to be sworn is already prepared, and requires commissioning $35.00

Preparation of an Affidavit to be sworn before a Commissioner, additional fee based on document complexity

Motor Vehicle Transfers

Motor Vehicle Transfer Affidavits are

*Permission Letters

Travel Consent if already prepared $50.00

Travel Consent if we prepare $75.00

* Clients new to the firm will be required to provide photo identification for sworn or notarized documents. Payment is due at time of service. ***H.S.T. applies to all fees.

Real Estate transaction fees:

Purchase of a house in a subdivision or condo –  from $900

Purchase of rural property – from $1,250

(Increased fees may apply in the case of a very high purchase price)

Mortgage acting for purchaser/mortgagee (BMO,CIBC, TD, Royal Bank or Scotiabank) with purchase an additional $350

Mortgage arranged through other than one of the five charter banks with purchase an additional $500

Mortgage/Refinancing – $550 (additional $250 if not through one of the five charter banks)

Vendor Take Back Mortgage – $400

Sale of a house in a subdivision or condo – from $800

Sale of rural property – from $1,000.00

(Increased fees may apply in the case of a very high sale price)

Survivorship Application – $375

Transfer to or from Joint Tenancy – $375

Lawyer’s review of conditional Builder’s Agreement of Purchase and Sale – from $275

Lawyer’s review of Condominium Agreement of Purchase and Sale and Status Certificate – from $325

Disbursements are in addition to fees, including searches, executions, courier, title insurance, land transfer tax, registration fees, conveyancing program fees and law society transaction levy fees. HST applies to fees.